Alberta Korea Office

The Alberta Korea Office (AKO) was established in 1988 for the purpose of promoting greater trade and business relations between the Province of Alberta in Canada and the Republic of Korea.


Alberta Korea Office
Canadian Embassy
21 Jeongdong-gil (Jeong-dong)
Jung-gu, Seoul, 04518, Korea

Contact Us

Phone: 82-2-3783-6000

Korean business is relationship-driven. Personal contacts and introductions are essential to establishing solid business relationships.

The AKO can help Alberta companies establish Korean business relationships by:

  • Identifying potential business partners
  • Providing business introductions, referrals and appointments; organizing meetings and mission logistics; and arranging for interpreters
  • Providing advice on Korean language, cultural considerations and business practices
  • Providing information and assistance about compliance with Korean government trade laws and regulations
  • Providing market intelligence on opportunities for selected products and services to assist with the development and execution of marketing plans
  • Promoting Alberta businesses and joint Alberta-Korea business and trade projects

The AKO supports Korean businesses by:

  • Providing advice on Alberta business practices and protocol
  • Identifying potential business partners
  • Gathering and providing market intelligence and identifying emerging business opportunities for business and investors
  • Offering immigration and travel advice and information to those interested in living in or visiting Alberta
  • Promoting joint Alberta-Korea business and trade projects
  • Assisting Korean businesses visiting Alberta

The AKO is conveniently located in the Canadian Embassy in the heart of Seoul. As a result, Alberta has access to the federal government personnel and expertise on all major economic sectors, as well as the political and cultural components of trade related activities.

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