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Alberta is a place where you can grow professionally and personally and build a successful future.

Focus on family

Alberta is perfect for families. We have a leading education system that is inclusive of all children and inspires them to excel in school and fulfil their potential. Our health care system will look after you and your family at no cost.

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A comfortable fit

You’ll immediately feel at home in Alberta, no matter where you come from. Calgary is the third most diverse city in Canada, one of the world’s most multicultural countries. Alberta also has one of the largest Francophone populations in Canada. Newcomers settle easily here. You’ll quickly become part of the rich cultural fabric of Alberta.

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Feel the excitement

In Alberta, anything is possible. Our young and growing population keeps the demand for goods and services high and drives our economy. Albertans work hard and are well educated. Alberta is an optimistic, exhilarating place to live and work.

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