Arts and entertainment

Alberta has a vibrant arts and entertainment scene. From dance and theatre to fine arts and music, there’s always something to inspire and entertain you, no matter where you live in Alberta.


Alberta's dance troupes and theatre companies are a major part of our vibrant cultural scene. Productions typically take place from October through May, though many outdoor events happen throughout the summer.


Alberta has an active theatre scene. Many communities have professional, semi-professional or amateur theatrical groups and there are also numerous festivals every year. The most famous theatre event in Alberta is the Edmonton International Fringe Festival, North America’s largest and longest-running theatre festival.


Fine art lovers are often surprised to discover Alberta offers more than spectacular wilderness and outdoor adventures. Alberta’s eclectic art scene includes public and commercial galleries, working studios, artist-run centres and collectives, as well as shops at museums and art institutions.


Countless musical events and festivals across the province attract tens of thousands of music fans every year to watch local and international artists. Whether you’re in the mood for underground hip-hop, chamber music on a mountain top, a country jamboree or the ultimate folk festival experience, the Alberta music scene has it all.