Canada-Alberta Job Grant FAQ

Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Canada-Alberta Job Grant?

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) is a way for employers and the federal and provincial governments to support training that leads directly to available jobs or increases workers' ability to retain jobs. Employers know what training is required for the jobs they need to fill. Through the program, employers participate in the training decisions that will equip their current and future workers with the skills and competencies they need to fill available jobs. The grant supports new training initiatives not currently being used by employers. We encourage employers to continually invest in their current and future workforce.

What are the eligibility requirements to receive funding?

To be eligible, Alberta employers must have a current or potential employee who needs training to fill current or future positions. It is expected the individual(s) will be hired upon completion of the training, if they are not currently an employee.

Which employers are eligible to access the grant funding?

The program is available to private and not-for-profit sector employers of all sizes across the province and First Nations and Métis Settlements. Crown Corporations will also be eligible for the grant if they are an employer in a community with a population of 100,000 or less. Under this criteria, the following two Crown Corporations are eligible: Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) and ATB Financial (Alberta Treasury Branches).

Individual employers will have a cap on the amount of grant funding they can receive annually ($300,000) to ensure that funding will be available for as many Alberta employers as possible.

Will a sole proprietor be able to access grant funding?

No, sole proprietors are not eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. Eligible applicants are required to be incorporated by or registered under an act of the legislature or Parliament of Canada in order to verify that they are an operating business in Alberta.

Will an owner be able to access grant funding for their own training?

No. A business owner cannot access Canada-Alberta Job Grant funding to train themselves, immediate family members (include: spouse, common-law partner, or adult interdependent partner, biological child, step-child, adopted child, father or mother), board or council members.

What role do training institutions play?

The CAJG is an employer-driven program that places the decisions about required training in the hands of employers. Training institutions play an important role working with employers to ensure training options are available to deliver skills that are relevant to the workplace.

Will there be approved training institutions and programs specifically for CAJG funding?

No, employers will be responsible for identifying appropriate training facilities and programs to deliver the training that will meet their needs.

Which training providers are eligible to deliver CAJG courses?

Eligible third-party training providers must be separate and distinct from the applicant. The trainer cannot have an employee relationship with the company, nor can the training provider employ the individual(s) it is training. Employers must attest to this as part of the application process.

Can an employer also act as a third party training provider?

No, an employer must be a separate legal entity from the recognized training provider. For example, a company’s in-house training program would not qualify.

Who is an eligible trainee?

Eligible trainees under the CAJG are: Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and protected persons under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) who are entitled to work in Canada. Trainees must be residents of Alberta.

Workers on temporary status in Canada are not eligible for the grant.

What training is eligible?

Any training is eligible as long as it meets the following criteria:

  • Is 21 hours and over in length delivered by a third-party trainer
  • Training does not replace prior training investments or regular operational training
  • Is completed within 52 weeks of training course(s) start date
  • Results in some sort of credential (record of completion, certificate, grade, etc.)
  • Training must start within six months after receiving approval

Apprenticeship Technical Training programs are not eligible under the CAJG; however, pre-apprenticeship training is eligible.

What is incremental training?

Training funded by the CAJG is not intended to replace an employer’s existing investment in training. As part of the application process, employers must attest that the training funded by the CAJG program is ‘incremental’ which means that the training is in addition to the existing training, and would not have otherwise taken place.

To determine if the training requested is ‘incremental’, answer the following questions:

  1. Will this training take place without Canada-Alberta Job Grant funding?
  2. Has this training already been paid for?
  3. Has this training already started?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, the requested training is not defined as ‘incremental’ and therefore it is not eligible for Canada-Alberta Job Grant funding.

How much do employers contribute to the cost of training?

Eligible employers are required to contribute one-third of the total training costs. Government contributes two-thirds of the cost to a maximum of $10,000 per trainee per year.

To help ensure Alberta employers have equitable access to the program, individual employers are capped at $300,000 per year in grant funding.

What training costs are eligible for CAJG funding?

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant is available for direct training costs only, including:

  • Tuition fees or instructional fees charged by the training provider
  • Mandatory student fees
  • Examinations fees
  • Textbooks or software
  • Other required materials (supplies directly relevant to the training course undertaken and are distinct from materials required to run your business)

Employee wages cannot be reimbursed through the CAJG and Income Support is not available for workers who are in training funded through the CAJG. However, employers must declare on the Trainee Information section of the CAJG Application whether trainee(s) are receiving Employment Insurance (EI) benefits. Failure to properly declare this may result in a trainee being declined for EI benefits. (See the Trainee Information section of the Canada-Alberta Job Grant Application for more information.)

How does applying for the grant work?

There are three steps in the grant application process:

  1. Employers complete, sign and submit all sections of the Canada-Alberta Job Grant Application. Once the Application has been submitted, the employer may register and pay for training. If the Application is declined and training has been paid, the Employer is responsible for any training costs incurred.
  2. Following the approval of the Application, and after training has been paid for, employers submit a Canada-Alberta Job Grant Reimbursement Form along with applicable receipts. Employers are then reimbursed for one-third of the training costs.
  3. Upon training completion, a Canada-Alberta Job Grant Completion Form will be submitted to the Government of Alberta and an additional one-third of training costs will be reimbursed. The remaining one-third of training costs is paid for by the employer.
What happens if the trainee does not complete the training?

Employers will still be reimbursed for the government’s contribution. The employer must inform the Government of Alberta by submitting the Canada-Alberta Job Grant Completion Form indicating the trainee did not complete the training and reasons for non-completion. If the training provider provides a training cost refund, the government-funded portion must be reimbursed to the Government of Alberta. Employers will not be reimbursed if the trainee does not start the program.

How does the grant help address changes in Alberta’s economy?

Our changing economy underscores the fact that we must continue to take a proactive approach to developing Alberta’s workforce. The CAJG will allow employers to choose new applicants or existing employees and identify the specific training they require to fill existing and future job vacancies.

How can employers apply for the grant?

Applications are available at: Please view using Internet Explorer. A detailed applicant guide is available on the website to assist applicants through the process.

How can I contact the Canada-Alberta Job Grant processing centre?

For more information, employers can email, or phone 780-638-9424 within Edmonton, or toll-free 1-855-638-9424.