Publications and resources

Support for Alberta Employers brochure

  • Get the workers you need contains a list of provincial and federal resources that can help employers tackle labour shortage and staff retention challenges.

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Occupation-specific recruitment fact sheets

  • The Engineering occupations page of this website contains information for employers who wish to hire workers from Europe in engineering and geoscience occupations.
  • The Trades page of this website contains information for employers who wish to hire workers in trades occupations from Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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Labour market information to help with workforce planning and forecasting

  • Alberta Labour Market Information provides resources on a wide range of topics, from migrant worker retention rates to information about wages and salary in Alberta.

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Strategies and programs for addressing labour challenges in Alberta

  • Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS)
    Provides information on human resources management, including training, finding job seekers, labour market trends and workplace issues.
  • Building and Educating Tomorrow's Workforce (BETW)
    BETW is the Alberta government's 10-year labour force strategy. Sector-specific workforce strategies provide important information to identify workforce-related projects and initiatives.
  • Aboriginal Workforce Development Strategy (PDF)
    Learn how to access Alberta’s underrepresented Aboriginal workforce. Find out about increasing the participation of Aboriginal people in Alberta’s workforce and economy.
  • Productivity Alberta
    Industry’s connection to the latest in productivity improvement tools, resources and services, Productivity Alberta can help you find everything you need to kick-start and enhance productivity growth and competitiveness, leading to a healthier bottom line.

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Information to help with hiring and retaining international workers

  • Employing Foreign Workers (PDF)
    You need to be aware of your rights and responsibilities as an employer before you can hire internationally.
  • Hiring and Retaining Foreign Workers (PDF)
    Learn about hiring, retaining and settlement, and get tips on using recruitment agencies and immigration consultants.
  • Using Employment Agencies
    If you decide to use employment agencies to recruitment foreign workers, you must be aware of provincial regulations related to this industry.
  • Occupational accreditation fact sheets
    Learn about regulated professions in Alberta and about the professional regulatory organizations that oversee accreditation. Find out about the process and costs associated with a worker's becoming certified to work in his or her profession.
  • Working in Alberta (PDF)
    Help your new hires research their occupation in Alberta and become familiar with the Alberta workplace.
  • Living in Alberta
    Help prepare your new international hire for life in Alberta.
  • Welcome to Alberta: A Consumer's Guide for Newcomers (PDF)
    This guide from Service Alberta contains information for foreign workers about how to buy goods and services in Alberta. It also has information on consumer rights and protections.
  • Working in Alberta: Information for Foreign Workers (PDF)
    Understand the different federal and provincial programs available to help foreign workers live and work in Alberta, whether on a temporary or permanent basis.
  • This Best Practices Guide (PDF)
    Learn about the steps involved in hiring internationally skilled tradespeople.

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