Recruiting from Local Labour Pools

Tap into underused labour pools in Alberta and Canada and increase diversity in your workplace.

Hiring candidates from underrepresented pools of talent can provide your organization with significant benefits that increase your bottom line. Creating a diverse workforce with employees from different backgrounds and experience will:

  • bring new ideas and processes to your organization
  • increase creativity and innovation through different viewpoints
  • expand your customer base through language and cultural awareness
  • give you a competitive edge in future recruitment by developing your company’s reputation as diversity-friendly employer

Employing a Diverse Workforce provides examples from Alberta employers on how creating an inclusive work culture works for both employers and workers. Below are some of about Alberta’s under-represented labour talent.

Local labour pools

Attracting Indigenous workers

Over 220,000 Albertans self-identified as Indigenous, Alberta is home of one of the largest Indigenous population in Canada. This segment of the population is the nation’s fastest and youngest growing labour force. Many are highly educated – in 2015, nearly 50 per cent of the Alberta Indigenous labour force living off-reserve had post-secondary certificates or diplomas, or university degrees.

With a unique cultural background, this labour force has the potential to bring a fresh perspective to your workplace.

Learn more about available Indigenous labour with our Indigenous labour force profile.

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Additional resources to help you attract and retain Indigenous workers:
Hiring and Retaining Aboriginal Apprentices (PDF)

Hiring youth

Younger employees may offer energy, ambition, new ideas and ability with technology. Many of these youth are often recent graduates of applicable post-secondary or technical training - in 2015, over 60 per cent of employed youth had obtained a high school diploma, a post-secondary certificate or diploma, a university degree.

Learn more about available labour in this group with our youth labour force profile.

For Alberta to continue to succeed, young Albertans need to take advantage of opportunities in the future. There are funding programs to support employers hiring youth:

  • Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP) is a wage subsidy program that provides funding to eligible Alberta employers to hire high school or post-secondary students into summer jobs.
  • Canada Summer Jobs is a federally funded program that provides funding to not-for-profit organizations, public-sector employers and small businesses to create summer job opportunities for young people who are full-time students intending to return to their studies in the next school year.

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Additional tips and resources to help you attract and retain youth workers:

GenA is a project funded in partnership with the Government of Alberta to help Albertans aged 18 to 30 secure employment while showing employers the benefits of hiring youth. GenA is available to employers at no cost. (

Exploring newcomers and internationally trained Albertans

Immigrants and other internationally trained Albertans bring with them a wealth of skills and knowledge. Immigrants bring education, vital competencies, training and experience to the table. Internationally trained Albertans also tend to boost innovation, help employers access new markets, and bring new perspectives to a business that can be an advantage in a global market.

Learn more about available labour in this group with our Immigrants in the labour force profile.

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Additional resources to help you attract and retain newcomer workers:

Recruiting persons with disabilities

There are many misconceptions with hiring people with disabilities. A person with a disability, whether mental or physical, could be an excellent candidate for your work.

Connect with these groups to learn about available supports for persons with disabilities and ways to post job opportunities in this labour pool:

Additional resources to help you attract and retain persons with disabilities:

  • The Alberta Employment First Strategy calls on governments, employers, agencies, and Albertans to work together to welcome more people with disabilities into our workplaces.