Hiring trades guide and fact sheets for employers

Best Practices Guide: Recruiting International Skilled Workers in the Trades (PDF)
This guide is designed to provide an overview of the steps involved in hiring internationally skilled tradespeople.

The following fact sheets are for use in conjunction with the Best Practices Guide and contain information on hiring skilled tradespeople from Ireland and the United Kingdom.


United Kingdom

About the Alberta Occupation-Specific Pilot

The Alberta Occupation-Specific Pilot has expanded to include six additional occupations:

  • welder
  • estimator
  • carpenter
  • ironworker
  • heavy-duty equipment mechanic
  • millwright and industrial mechanic

Employers can choose whether to participate in the pilot.

Applying through the Alberta Occupation-Specific Pilot

If employers want to hire a journeyperson-level carpenter or millwright, the worker will need an approval letter from Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) for the Alberta Qualification Certificate Program before being eligible to participate in the pilot.

Applying through the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process

Employers who don’t require a journeyperson-level carpenter or millwright are not required to participate in the pilot but may instead hire a worker under the LMIA process.

For more information on the pilot and eligibility requirements, see the Alberta Occupation-Specific Pilot fact sheet (PDF).

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