Workforce planning

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning plays an important role in human resources management: it ties directly to your organization's strategic plan. It’s especially important because recruitment can take several months to complete. Planning ahead will therefore help you ensure that you have adequate labour resources.

In this section, you will find:

  • information and tools to help you assess your labour challenges
  • information on accessing domestic and international labour pools

Employer Roadmap

The Employer Roadmap at is a step-by-step interactive guide on developing a strategy for hiring, retaining and promoting skilled immigrants. It also includes tips and resources for interviewing, integrating and getting the most from these employees.

The interactive Employer Roadmap requires Adobe Flash Player. You can also:

Developing your workforce plan

Find resources to help you plan for your current and future workforce needs.

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Alberta's labour market

Learn about advertising your job vacancies and accessing the province’s labour pool.

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Canada's labour market

Get information and resources to harness Canada's labour pools.

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International labour markets

Explore hiring opportunities available to Alberta employers.

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