AINP processing times

Processing times for all AINP categories have been updated as of February 11, 2014. The new processing times apply to all AINP applications at the AINP office, regardless of when the application was received.

Processing times have increased because the AINP received a large number of applications at the end of 2013. This has resulted in a change to how the AINP will advise you that your AINP application was received. This change only applies to you if you have not yet received your AINP file number. If your application has been received, the AINP will send you an email. If you receive this email it only means that your application is at the AINP office; it does not mean your application has been accepted for processing. You will not receive an AINP file number in this email. You will only receive an email if you included a valid personal/work email address on your AINP application form. This email will not be sent to your employer contact or to your representative. Be sure to check your email (including junk mail inbox). It may take up to four (4) weeks from the date your application was received to receive this email.

If your application is accepted for processing, you and your employer (if applicable) will receive a second email with a file number. If you used an immigration representative to submit your application, your file number will only be sent to your representative. There is currently no estimated timeline for sending file number emails. Do not send any additional documents or information to the AINP until you receive a file number.

The AINP will not respond to status inquiries or provide updates on your application. This page is the only source of information on approximate processing times for complete applications submitted to the AINP. If you have a file in process with the AINP, check this page often for any updates. AINP processing times are subject to change without notice.

To avoid delays in processing your application make sure you meet AINP criteria and submit a complete application with all required documents. A complete application is an application that includes all of the required documents listed on the document checklist for the stream/category to which you are applying. Review the Important information about applying to the AINP section on the Application forms page for tips on how to prepare your application.

This page is updated regularly as AINP processing times are always subject to change without notice depending on a variety of factors. These factors include but are not limited to: application volumes, available resources, and federal and provincial immigration levels planning. The AINP is limited in the number of nominations it can issue each year based on Citizenship and Immigration Canada's (CIC's) Immigration Levels Plans.

Note: The availability of AINP streams and categories is dependent upon application volumes and labour market needs. The AINP reserves the right to close application intake for any AINP stream or category at any time, without prior notice. Further, the AINP may decline to consider applications to closed or suspended streams or categories, regardless of when the applications were submitted. Changes to the AINP, including notice of suspension or closure of its streams and categories are available on the AINP news page and/or the AINP application forms page.

The AINP is not obligated to assess/process any applications submitted. Applications to the AINP are treated as an expression of interest, and as such, will be processed according to quality of the application (completeness, eligibility), labour market information, occupational supply and demand forecasting, AINP application volumes, and / or any other factors at the AINP’s discretion. By submitting an application to the AINP you acknowledge and agree that your application may not be processed in the order received, or at all. Further, the decision to assess / process any particular application, and the outcome of any such assessment / processing, is at the AINP’s sole discretion. Program criteria are eligibility minimums, and meeting program criteria does not guarantee that an applicant’s application will be assessed, processed, or granted.

You may only have one active AINP application in process; multiple AINP applications for multiples categories will not be accepted for processing.

Approximate AINP processing times for a complete application

Employer-Driven Stream - Skilled Worker and International Graduate Categories

  • For a complete application, the total AINP processing time from the date your application is received is a minimum of 6 months (processing time updated February 11, 2014).

The Alberta Employer and Candidate apply together in these categories and will be assessed at the same time.

Employer-Driven Stream - Semi-Skilled Worker Category

  • For a complete application, the total AINP processing time from the date your application is a minimum of 6 months (processing time updated February 11, 2014).*

* If an Alberta Employer and Candidate apply to the AINP at the same time, the AINP will assess the Alberta Employer and Candidate at the same time.

Strategic Recruitment Stream - Alberta Work Experience Category

The AINP is no longer accepting applications under the Alberta Work Experience Category. The processing times for complete applications postmarked or dropped off at the AINP office on or before November 28, 2013 are:

  • For a complete application, the total AINP processing time from the date your application was received is a minimum of 6 months (processing time updated February 11, 2014).

Strategic Recruitment Stream - Compulsory and Optional Trades, Engineering Occupations and Post-Graduate Worker Categories

  • For a complete application, the total AINP processing time from the date your application is received is a minimum of 6 months (processing time updated February 11, 2014).

Citizenship and Immigration Canada processing times

The processing times listed above are for the AINP only. If you are nominated by the AINP, you then have to submit your Application for Permanent Residence to CIC. Visit the After You Are Nominated section for more information on this next step.

You can visit the CIC website to see how long they may take to process your case.

To revise or update your AINP application

To submit additional documents or changes to your application send your file number, your full name and the name of your Alberta Employer (if applicable) by mail or fax to the AINP.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program
Government of Alberta
Suite 940, Telus Plaza North Tower
10025 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton Alberta T5J 1S6
Fax Number: 780-427-6560

Changes may include:

  • accompanying dependants if there is a change in your dependants, print out and fax this change in family composition form (PDF) to the AINP
  • designated representatives
  • education history
  • employment information
  • mailing or residential address or phone number - if your contact information changes print out and fax this contact information form (PDF) to the AINP.