Education and Training

Kindergarten to Grade 12

Alberta has an excellent education system, with many options based on language or religion. Schooling is free from kindergarten to Grade 12. It is required from ages six to 16. Catholic and francophone options are available. Alberta teachers encourage leadership, create a love of learning, and instill confidence and pride in their students.

Provincial tests ensure that the highest standards are maintained. These tests also allow teachers and parents to determine how students are doing and what help they may need.

Post-secondary education

Universities and colleges
With 26 universities and colleges, Alberta has many post-secondary options. The Alberta government subsidizes tuition fees, and the cost varies across the province. Institutions post tuition costs on their websites.

Technical training
Post-secondary options in Alberta include polytechnic institutes such as the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in Edmonton. These institutes offer certificates, diplomas, applied degrees, apprenticeships and continuing education programs related to trades and technical work.

International education

Alberta schools include programs to prepare students to communicate with other cultures. Young people learn about the international community and how to become global citizens. This helps Alberta and Canada create better relationships with other countries and positively influence world affairs.

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