Health and Wellness

Alberta offers a great health-care system. Everyone has access to hospitals, clinics, a variety of social support services, and qualified physicians and health-care workers.

How much does it cost?

Alberta provides free hospital and medical services to residents. Learn what's covered and how to access Alberta health-care services.

Specialized children’s hospitals

Alberta offers excellent medical care for children:

  • The Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton is a national leader in organ transplantation. It is also Western Canada’s referral centre for pediatric heart surgery.
  • Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary is the provincial expert in bone marrow transplantation. It is also known as the national leader for pediatric neurosciences.

Additional services include:

Leaders in heart disease and cancer research

Health-care services in remote areas

Even in remote areas, you can still access health care.

Telehealth uses videoconferencing technology to connect patients and health-care providers. It transmits pictures, voice and information to help deliver the best health care, no matter where you live.

For emergencies, Alberta’s air ambulance service provides transport between hospitals or from the scene of an accident. Paramedics, nurses, respiratory technologists and physicians are all on hand no matter where you are. This service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Healthy environments

Alberta takes preserving the environment very seriously.


Albertans know that the places we live, learn, work and play affect our physical and mental health. With a four-season climate and unspoiled, wide, open, natural spaces outside our doors, it is easy for us to take part in recreational and leisure activities that benefit the mind and body. Alberta Health supports and encourages Albertans to lead healthier lifestyles by providing them with access to information on healthy eating and active living.