Getting health insurance

The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) covers the cost of many basic health services for residents of Alberta.

To receive health care services covered by AHCIP, you must apply within three months of arriving in Alberta.

Private health insurance

AHCIP pays for medically required services provided in doctors' offices or at hospitals. The cost of some treatments provided by chiropractors, podiatrists or optometrists may be partially covered by AHCIP.

AHCIP does not cover the cost of:

  • medication
  • ambulance services
  • treatments provided by acupuncturists, naturopaths or dentists

When you apply, you will receive a brochure that describes the types of services covered.

Many employers offer group insurance plans designed to cover the cost of services not covered by AHCIP. If your employer does not offer a health insurance plan (or if you are self-employed), you can buy personal health insurance for you and your family from a variety of private insurance companies.

If you choose to buy private health insurance, fees are usually paid monthly. If your employer offers you health insurance, most or all of the fees should be included as part of your compensation package.