Traffic laws and safety

Alberta's rules of the road may be different than the ones you are used to. You will be required to know Alberta's rules before you drive in the province. Here's a selection of laws and suggestions that are provided for your safety.


There will be times where you will not be a motorist and choose to be a pedestrian. Find out about pedestrian safety in the province of Alberta. Pedestrians have the right of way at crosswalks and intersections unless otherwise posted, though caution should be used before stepping on to the street.


Many areas in Alberta are ideal for cyclists. Urban centres may provide parks with cycling paths, or some people may choose this as their preferred method of transportation. You will also want to become familiar with cyclist safety tips and rules in Alberta. Bicyclists must follow all traffic laws when on their bike, and should always wear helmets. When walking beside the bike they are considered pedestrians.


It is essential to become familiar with the laws of operating a motor vehicle. Driver Handbooks are available online and at Alberta Registries locations across the province. Some retailers also sell the handbook in languages other than English. A list of these locations is available from Alberta Transportation.

Professional driver training from a licensed driving school is a very good way to become familiar with the rules of the road and the driving environment in Alberta. There are many licensed driving schools available that offer services such as refresher lessons or complete classroom and in-car lessons. Information on how to choose a licensed driving school, as well as a list of schools, is available from Alberta Transportation.