From Within Canada

When you are considering moving to Alberta from another Canadian province or territory, there are important things to think about and things to do before you leave.

Some things to think about

  • Find out how to work in your field in Alberta.
    Do you work in a regulated occupation or trade? You may need to take examinations or get licensed or accredited.
  • Get your educational credentials and qualifications assessed.
    If you earned your credentials outside of Canada, you may need an educational credential assessment. This will help Alberta employers to understand your educational qualifications.
  • Find out about the cost of living in Alberta.
    Explore wages and salaries, and learn about the price of utilities and consumer goods.
  • Will you or a family member need access to education?
    You will need to find out which schools and institutions offer the training or program you need.
  • Explore different communities.
    What is most important to you in a new community? Do you prefer rural or city living? For example, do you need access to good schools or public transportation?
  • Find a place to live.
    Will you rent or buy your new home? You may need to find short-term housing while you explore different options and find out what’s available.
  • Learn about driving in Alberta.
    If you have a licence from another part of Canada, you must exchange it for an Alberta licence within 90 days after you arrive. You also need to change your car registration to an Alberta registration within 90 days.

Some things to do before you leave

  • Gather important documents.
    Important documents include:
    • birth certificate
    • school/university transcripts
    • driver’s licence
    • vehicle registration
    • personal and legal documents such as wills and medical records
  • Gather work reference letters.
  • Gather landlord reference letters.
  • Prepare to get health insurance.
    You will need to get a new provincial health card. Gather your medical and immunization records, and get copies of any prescriptions.