Visit Alberta

Are you planning to visit Alberta or other places within Canada for a short time as a tourist, on business or to see family? You may need a Canadian visitor visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). If you are already in Alberta, find out how to extend your stay.

Do I need an eTA or a visitor visa?

If you are from a country that does not require a visa to visit Canada, you will need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). All other visitors need a visa. Find out if you need an eTA or a visa, and apply online.

Need a visitor visa? Select the reason for your visit.

  1. I am a tourist

    To visit Alberta as a tourist, you may need a Canadian visitor visa. First, determine your eligibility and review what you need to visit Canada as a tourist.

    Visitor visas can be single entry or multiple entry and have a wide range of validity dates. The visa must be valid when you arrive in Canada.

  2. I am a parent or grandparent visiting family

    The Parent and Grandparent Super Visa is a multi-entry visa that can be issued for up to 10 years. It lets eligible parents and grandparents visit family in Canada. With this visa, you can visit as often as you want and stay in Canada for up to two years on each visit.

  3. I am visiting on business

    If you plan to visit Canada to look for ways to grow your business, invest or advance your business relationships, you must apply as a business visitor. Business visitors can stay for up to six months. If you plan to stay longer or want to work in Canada, you may need to apply for a work permit.

Want to extend your stay?

When you arrive in Canada, the border officer will determine how long you can stay (usually 6 months). If you want to say longer, you can apply to extend your stay in Canada as a visitor.