Break the Wall: Improve your English

Speaking to someone in a different language can be challenging. We've put together resources to help you improve your English.

1. Learn English with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

The CBC has free English lessons that use news stories and interviews to help you learn. They're recorded at a slower speed to help you understand.

2. Lessons on life in Alberta

Learn English while preparing for life in Alberta. Lessons are arranged by topic.

3. English Express

Listen and read along to articles, personal stories, and news stories. You can also play word games or try out one of the recipes. Teachers and tutors can find free, printable resources for students at various levels.

4. Communicate to succeed

Listen to short interviews with immigrant business leaders on how communication helped them succeed. Start with the listening activities, then check your progress.

5. English in the workplace

Learn English in a workplace setting. Lessons are video-based and include topics such as: making requests, giving feedback, asking for support and giving advice.

6. Recognize cultural communication differences

Something’s Up is a fun video series that helps you understand differences between cultures in language use, body language and use of time. These recordings will help you develop the tools to succeed. Topics include: the hockey pool, meeting deadlines and working safely.