Now that you have arrived in Alberta and are settling in, you will either have started your new job, or be looking for the right one! Here are some resources to help you succeed.

Resources to help you succeed in working in Alberta

Find help after you arrive

There are a number of organizations that can help you find work and build your career in Alberta.

Check your qualifications

Educational and professional standards differ from country to country and across provinces. Learn how to transfer your educational credentials.

Some jobs in Alberta are regulated. This means there are laws in place to help protect the public. Find out if your occupation or trade is regulated.

Learn about the work search process

Give yourself the best chance at success by completing the steps to finding a job!

Learn more about the workplace culture

Understanding Canadian workplace culture will help you succeed at job interviews, fit in at your new workplace and perform well in your job. Learn more about:

Know your rights

You have legal rights and responsibilities as a worker.

Advance your career

Getting to know people in your area of work can help you succeed. The following mentorship programs can connect you with someone working in your profession. They help you understand what you need to get a job and advance in your occupation.

Volunteering has many benefits. It helps you build Canadian work experience, improve your skills and develop your professional and personal network.
Consider starting your own business

Albertans are hard-working, driven people. Once you have settled in you may start to think about your next step. If you are thinking about starting your own business, there are many resources available to help you.