From Another Country

Educational and professional qualifications and standards differ from country to country. You may need to have your international credentials assessed to see how they compare with Alberta's standards.

Educational credentials

Your educational credentials are certificates that show that you have completed high school or post-secondary education. The International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) will assess your international academic credentials and provide an assessment that indicates how your credentials compare to standards in Alberta. An IQAS assessment can be used to support your application for employment, admission to select post-secondary institutions, and licensure with select professional regulatory organizations. As an agency designated by the Government of Canada, IQAS also completes Educational Credential Assessments (ECA) for immigration purposes.

Professional credentials

Professional credentials are degrees, diplomas or certificates relating to specific occupations or trades.

In Canada, each province or territory has its own professional regulatory organizations responsible for many professions and trades. You may need to be licensed by a regulatory organization to legally work in your profession or trade.

Is your profession or trade regulated?

Regulated professions and trades require licensing, certification or registration. If you want to work in a regulated occupation or trade in Alberta, contact the appropriate professional regulatory organization.

Already had an Educational Credential Assessment for immigration to Canada?
If you are seeking work in a regulated occupation, you may need to meet additional Alberta regulatory requirements, even if your qualifications and experience have been recognized for admission to Canada.

Already licensed, certified or registered in another Canadian province or territory?
Most professional and trade certifications from other parts of Canada are recognized in Alberta. You can apply to have your out-of-province license transferred to Alberta. Contact the professional or trade regulator for your occupation. The Labour Mobility Coordinator can assist you if you are having difficulty having your certification transferred to or from another province/ territory.

What if your profession is not regulated?

In unregulated professions, you do not need to be licensed, certified or registered to work. Individual employers set their own standards and assess your credentials. When you apply for a job, you will need to submit copies of your educational and professional credentials.