Regulated Occupations

What are regulated occupations?

Regulated occupations require registration with a professional regulatory organization to ensure you meet standards of practice. The requirements to practice your profession may be very different in Alberta. Professional registration may require assessment of your education and your English language ability as well as the completion of national exams. Some organizations may allow you to challenge an examination or meet other requirements when you apply for licensure. It may take weeks, months or even years to become registered to work in your occupation. This may also be affected by your occupation, your training and the country where you got your education.

If you are a certified worker in Canada, the process for recognition in Alberta should be more straightforward if the occupation is regulated in both provinces and territories, and there are no labour mobility exceptions.

Some occupations in Alberta may be classified differently than in other countries or provinces and may require different qualifications. For example, if you were a building scientist, try looking under Engineer and Engineering Technologist to see how the occupations compare. Take a look at our National Occupational Classification (NOC) video tutorial to look for job titles and find the description that most closely matches your occupation.

List of regulated occupations

We've compiled a list of some regulated occupations in Alberta, along with information on regulatory organizations responsible for licensure in those occupations. For many, there is also a summary of the certification process. The Alberta Learning and Information Service (ALIS) also has more information about licensure requirements in regulated occupations.