Regulated Trades

Some trades are regulated, which means that they are governed by standards.

In Alberta, you can obtain certification in more than 50 trades, but not every trade requires certification. To work in a compulsory trade, you must be certified. Visit Tradesecrets to learn about trades, the registration process, examinations, work experience requirements and more.

If you are certified as a tradesperson in any province or territory in Canada, you can work in Alberta’s compulsory trades. Just show your provincial trade certification or Red Seal certification to your employer. You can also apply for an equivalency card. If you are having difficulty getting your certification recognized, contact Apprenticeship and Industry Training.

List of regulated trades

Regulated trades have an apprenticeship program. The following links will take you to an occupational profile, which contains information on duties, educational qualifications, salaries and working conditions.

Optional certification trades

In some trades, certification is optional. In this case, non-certified workers can work for an employer who is satisfied that they have the skills and knowledge of someone who is certified. Anyone learning one of these trades must still become a registered apprentice.

The following is a list of optional certification trades in Alberta: