Break the Wall: Improve your English

Speaking to someone in a different language can feel like there is a barrier between you.

We can help you Break the Wall and overcome this barrier with free English language training resources.

  1. Learning English with CBC

    Stay current and get to know your new city and community while improving your English. These free lessons use current news stories and interviews to help you learn about your new city, community, and workplace. They can also help you understand Alberta’s culture and economy. Listen to the story, read the article, and answer the questions.

    The news stories are presented by CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and have been recorded at a slower speed to help you fully understand them. Visit Learning English with CBC to get started.

    Improved English skills: Listening, reading, writing and speaking. 

  2. Settling into your new life in Alberta

    Moving and settling in a new community can be challenging, these lessons can help prepare you and your family to settle in your new life. Each lesson includes small comprehension exercise as well as the correct answers.

    For Parents:

    Financial Advice:

    Mental Health and Community:

    Improved English skills: Reading and writing.

  3. English Express

    Listen and read along to articles, personal stories, and news stories. You can also play word games or try out one of the recipes. Teachers and tutors can find free, printable resources for students at various levels.

    Improved English skills: Listening and reading.

  4. Learn how to communicate for success

    Norquest College offers prerecorded short interviews with immigrant business leaders about how communication helped them succeed in their community and build positive workplace culture. Try these listening activities and check your progress using the answer key and transcripts.

    Improved English skills: Listening, reading and writing.

  5. Language study tables

    Improve your English while also building on your understanding of the Canadian workplace culture. The Language Study Tables, offered by Norquest College, can help you focus on specific topics to learn such as:

    • Understanding idioms
    • Making requests
    • Answering requests
    • Giving feedback
    • Disagreeing
    • Relating to others
    • Expressing urgency
    • Asking for support
    • Complaining
    • Giving advice

    Improved English skills: Listening and reading.

  6. Something’s up!

    Learn how to recognize cultural communication differences. Something’s Up, by Norquest College, can help you to understand differences in language use, body language, and use of time. These short video recordings can help you to develop communication tools to help you succeed. Video topics include:

    • The Hockey Pool
    • Meeting Deadlines
    • Keeping the Client
    • Following the Agenda
    • Comparing Cultures
    • Leaving Work Early
    • Working Safely
    • Driving Conditions
    • Going to Site C
    • Coming to the Meeting

    Improved English skills: Listening and reading.