Assessment and certification

Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training

Some kinds of skilled manual or mechanical work are known as trades. In Alberta, you can obtain accreditation in more than 50 trades, but not every trade requires accreditation.

Visit Tradesecrets, the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training website, to learn about:

  • fees
  • exams
  • particular trades
  • the registration process
  • work experience requirements

Certification and registration requirements for employment in Alberta

See regulated professions or regulated trades to:

  • download fact sheets about regulated occupations
  • learn how to become accredited to work in regulated occupations in Alberta

Certification and Registration Requirements for Employment in Alberta (CERTinfo) also provides information and brief fact sheets about each regulated occupation.

IQAS educational assessment

If you earned your educational credentials outside Canada, you may need to have them assessed. An educational assessment shows how your foreign educational credentials compare to Canadian educational standards. Alberta’s International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) evaluates international educational documents and issues certificates on the results.